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Result TypeLaser Therapy for Unwanted Tattoos3/2/2017 3:44:32 PM

Laser therapy – also called laser surgery and laser rejuvenation – has become the preferred treatment for tattoo removal since it offers a low-risk option with minimal side effects. Other Treatment Options Learn about other options for tattoo removal Dermabrasion Surgical excision The dermatologic s...

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Result TypeDermabrasion for Unwanted Tattoos3/2/2017 3:43:17 PM

Dermabrasion – also known as surgical skin planing – is classified as a skin-resurfacing procedure as it “sands” the outer layers of the skin. Using a rapidly rotating device, a dermatologic surgeon removes the surface and middle layers of the tattoo. Treatment Options Learn more about other treatme...

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Result TypeUnwanted Tattoos12/1/2014 8:50:53 AM

dermatologist, dermatologic, surgery, surgeon, laser, tatoo, tattoo, dermabrasian, dermabrasion, surgical, excision. Tattoos are no longer considered permanent and irreversible designs or marks on the skin. Dermatologic surgeons can safely and effectively use different techniques to successfully remove unwanted tatt...

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Result TypeSurgical Excision for Unwanted Tattoos2/13/2014 11:34:51 AM

Surgical excision – also called surgical removal – is a more invasive option for tattoo removal. Other Treatment Options Learn about other options for tattoo removal Dermabrasion Laser therapy Some small tattoos might be good candidates for surgical removal, while others are considered too large to ...

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Result TypeDo's and Don'ts When Considering Tattoos or Piercings10/31/2012 11:12:03 AM

Without giving it much thought, many choose to brand themselves with a tattoo or body piercing to express their personality, but today’s trend may be tomorrow’s regret. As a result, many of yesterday’s trendsetters choose to remove piercings and undergo laser tattoo removal. The ASDS offers this lis...

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Result Type2010 ASDS Survey on Dermatologic Procedures Results5/29/2012 2:03:11 PM

The ASDS Procedures Survey results review data from ASDS members on the actual cosmetic and skin cancer procedures they performed in 2010.. American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Report of 2010 Procedures December 2011 ASDS Report of 2010 Procedures Methodology Conducted by LCW Research...

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Result Type2014-15 Experts Guide10/1/2014 11:17:50 AM

acne scars age spots aging skin birthmarks crow’s feet droopy eyelids excessive sweating facial redness frown lines sagging skin scars skin cancer skin growths/lesions spider and varicose veins stretch marks sun-damaged skin tattoos unwanted hair wrinkles Skin health and beauty: A directory to those...

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Result Type2016-17 ASDS Experts Guide5/6/2016 7:41:53 AM

Experts Guide2016-17 ASDSSkin health and beautyasdsa.asds.netasds.netnews News of note The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery reports on consumer trends in medically necessary and cosmetic procedures through two national surveys each year. Watch for press releases, infographic and news videos...

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Result TypeAnderson R Rox8/25/2016 9:09:04 AM

1 P a g e R. ROX ANDERSON, MD Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Dermatology Wellman Center for Photomedicine 55 Fruit Street, Building 2 Boston, MA 02114-2621 If you are interested in having Dr. Anderson visit your program, complete and submit the required application. Scheduled visits ar...

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Result Type2014 Procedure Survey2/4/2015 4:34:06 PM

ASDS 2014 Survey on Dermatologic Surgery Procedures Member ID (required) _ Please indicate the number of dermatologists for which you are reporting data Estimate the percentage of time each week you spend doing these procedure types: Oncologic/ Cosmetic Medical / therapeutic reconstructive % dermatolo...

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