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Result TypeWoman with tattoo on ankle5/12/2014 4:35:30 PM

Woman with tattoo on ankle ...

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Result TypeTattoo Removal8/13/2013 9:52:35 AM

Tattoo Removal ...

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Result TypeLaser Tattoo Removal5/31/2013 10:07:35 AM

Laser Tattoo Removal False ...

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Result TypeTattoo Removal Questionnaire10/31/2012 12:07:31 PM

Tattoo Removal Questionnaire Which tattoo removal procedure is the correct one for me? (What are the options? _ _ What is the estimated cost of the procedure? _ How long is one appointment? _ How often will I need to receive treatment to remove my tattoo? _ How far apart are the treatments? _ What a...

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Result TypeMedia alert5/15/2013 4:57:38 PM

How to Write a Media Alert MEDIA ALERT Date: Today’s Date Contact: Your Name Your Phone Number Your Email Address FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HEADLINE (and email subject line) Media Alert: Summary in Bold Type WHAT: Describe the event or reason for the alert. WHO: Talk about your organization and its role...

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Result TypeDermSurg Fellowship Finder by State New Jersey6/27/2016 2:57:37 PM

Procedural Dermatology Fellowship 20 Prospect Avenue Suite 702 Hackensack, NJ 07601 Program Director: David Goldberg, MD, JD Email: drdavidgoldberg@skinandlasers.com Contact for more information: Maria M. MacLeod, CST Tel: (908) 359-8980 Maria direct (201) 441-9890 Fax: (908) 281-7796 Email: maria@s...

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Result TypeDermSurg Fellowship Finder by State Texas8/26/2015 11:13:24 AM

Micrographic Surgery & Dermatologic Oncology Fellowship 7515 Main Street Suite 240 Houston, TX 77030 Program Director: Leonard Goldberg, MD Email: goldb1@dermsurgery.org Contact for more information: Heidi Vehko Tel: (713) 791-9966 Fax: (713) 791-9927 Email: heidi@dermsurgery.org Affiliated Physicia...

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Result TypeDermSurg Fellowship Finder by State Alabama8/26/2015 10:50:42 AM

Surgical Dermatology Group 2000 Stonegate Trail Ste 112 Birmingham, AL 35242 Program Director: Christopher Harmon Email: charmon@surgicaldermatology.com Contact for more information: Robert Brandon Tel: (205) 977-9876 Fax: (205)977-9976 Email: rbrandon@surgicaldermatology.com Affiliated Physicians: ...

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Result TypeDermSurg Fellowship Finder by State Pennsylvania6/27/2016 3:00:40 PM

Dermatologic SurgiCenter (Philadelphia) Program 1200 Locust Philadelphia, PA 19107 Program Director: Anthony Benedetto, DO Email: avb@benedettoderm.com Contact for more information: Diane Leaf Tel: (215) 546-3666 Fax: (215) 546-6060 Email: beans@benedettoderm.com Affiliated Physicians: Ernest Benede...

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Result TypeITMP Approved Mentors 20143/12/2015 3:20:25 PM

International Traveling Mentorship Program GOALS Enhance and Complement the Surgical Skills of Dermatologists in Various Surgical Procedures, Particularly Those Not Prominently Emphasized in Residency or Fellowship Programs Provide a Venue for Dermatologic Surgeons to Expand and Interchange Their Sk...

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