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Medical Taxes

Among other medical taxation issues, the ASDSA is currently working against two bills in the California legislature that would levy taxes on cosmetic surgery and other "necessary medical services." These proposals are examples of the types of onerous and invasive medical taxes that the ASDSA works to oppose.

Medical Taxes

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Medical Taxes

Taxation of medical services is opposed by the ASDSA for several reasons. Chief among them is patient privacy. Various state legislatures have proposed taxes on cosmetic medical procedures. However, enforcement of such taxation ultimately relies on a government bureaucrat reading patient medical records and deciding which procedures are cosmetic and which are "medically necessary." The ASDSA believes that patients have a right to confidentiality in their medical records. Additionally, the line between cosmetic and necessary medical procedures is often blurry, even for the same procedure. Only properly trained health care professionals should be making decisions about a patient's health, not an untrained government bureaucrat.

Many taxes also have negative effects on a state's health care economy, even to the point of decreasing state government revenues. A cosmetic surgery tax in New Jersey was recently repealed because it was found to actually cost the state money. Medical taxes are an unfair burden on patients, both in terms of patient privacy and health care costs, and harm state economies. The ASDSA is committed to fighting medical taxes for the protection of all patients and health care consumers.