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Office-Based Surgery

Surgery and other medical procedures can be safely administered in an office-based setting, but there are unique issues to be aware of when seeking health care. The ASDSA is committed to helping patients make informed decisions and to promoting safety in office-based settings. 

Office-Based Surgery

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Office-Based Surgery

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As our members practice primarily in office-based settings, the ASDSA has devoted a portion of our patient safety advocacy efforts to issues surrounding office-based surgery. Some of these include initiatives promoting public safety, such as the mandatory release of adverse patient incident data. Others include fairly regulating physician licensing and credentialing to ensure patient safety standards, while avoiding overly burdensome requirements that interfere with a physician's ability to treat their patients. Office-based surgery and other medical procedures, when properly regulated, promote safe, patient-oriented health care. The ASDSA provides a variety or resources to help patients and legislators understand the issues surrounding office-based and make choices that best promote their health and well-being.