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Patient Safety

Just as your dermatologic surgeon is an advocate for your health, ASDSA strives to serve as an advocate for patient safety. Patients need transparent, unbiased information in order to make the choices that are best for their own health and safety. Transparency is at the heart of ASDSA legislative initiatives, which aim to protect patients from unqualified practitioners and dangerous procedures.

Patient Safety

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Patient Safety

Follow the patient safety legislation ASDSA is tracking. 

Your safety is important to ASDSA and we have dedicated a large portion of our advocacy efforts to our patient safety campaign. This campaign is a comprehensive effort to promote patient safety through legislation, regulation, education, and other opportunities. Navigating the health care field can be difficult and unqualified practitioners abound, making the process that much more difficult. ASDSA strives to help patients make the right choices for their own health by promoting patient-focused initiatives in the following areas:

  • Compounding Pharmacies - ASDSA supports safer manufacturing processes to prevent drug contamination and supports regulations that provide oversight to compounding facilities. As compounded pharmaceuticals are vital to our members' practices, ASDSA also advocates the preservation of bulk pharmaceutical orders for in-office use. 
  • Delegation - In the interest of staying up-to-date with advanced medicine, non-physician providers are increasingly being used in medical settings. It is of upmost importance they are delegated procedures that fall within their qualifications and education. 
  • Physician Oversight in Medical Spas - Recent history has seen an explosion in the number of spas offering cosmetic medical procedures. Transparency and on-site physician supervision helps to ensure that the medical procedures received in these facilities are safe for patients and consumers. 
  • Truth in Advertising - Unqualified practitioners, hiding behind bogus or misleading credentials, are a threat to patient safety. By providing transparency in practitioner training and licensure, truth in advertising regulations allow patients to make informed choices for their own health and safety.
The Patient Safety Campaign page also provides a host of resources for patients. These resources are designed to help patients find proper care best suited to their needs and avoid unsafe practitioners.