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Skin Cancer Prevention

At ASDSA, we are committed to protecting public health through skin cancer prevention. Whether supporting legislation on banning indoor tanning for minors or promoting education on prevention, ASDSA is working with its partners on several initiatives aimed at stopping the skin cancer epidemic.

Skin Cancer Prevention

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Skin Cancer

One out of every five Americans will develop some type of skin cancer over the course of their lifetime. However, with early detection and treatment, most skin cancers are completely curable. For more information on the different types of skin cancer, related patient safety information and how to find a dermatologic surgeon in your area, please visit the ASDS main page.

ASDSA is working hard in several states to pass legislation restricting the use of indoor tanning devices by minors. Age restrictions on the use of indoor tanning facilities can decrease the incidences of skin cancer, which has been linked to the usage of sunlamp devices. Additionally, ASDSA supports policies that allow students to carry sunscreen in school. Barriers to sunscreen puts students at a significant risk of sun damage. 

Read the ASDSA position statements on indoor tanning and sunscreen use in schools